Sandhurst and District
Gardening Club

Entries for the Autumn Show 2023

The Summer Show is scheduled for Saturday 9th September.

Show Schedule

If you are considering entering the Show, then full details of the classes for all of this years Shows are given in the Show Schedule which you can download here.
The section specific to the Autumn Show begins on page 23.

Visiting the Show

The Show takes place at Sandhurst Memorial Hall and is open to all (members and visitors) from 3.00pm, with prize-giving at 4.30pm.

Admission fee 50p (children free).

Show Day

Exhibits must be staged between 9.00am and 12.00noon on the morning of the show. The exception is for entries to the Photography classes where the photos must be submitted in advance as email attachments.

The hall will be closed to all (other than the judges and committee) from 12.00noon until the judging is complete.

Show Entries

We are using a new system this year whereby entries to shows are made by email. This year entry to classes is free.

Your email must include your name and the list of classes which you plan to enter. Details of classes and class numbers are given on page 23 onwards of the Schedule as above.

Entries for all classes other than photography should be sent to the email address as below by 12.00noon on Thursday 7th September. All such emails will be acknowledged.

Alternatively prepare the information on paper (see forms at the end of the Schedule) and deliver to any of the following:
     to 85 Pinehill Road Crowthorne RG45 7JP
         by 12.00noon on Thursday 7th September
or  to 15 Lowry Close, College Town GU47 0FJ
         by 12.00noon on Thursday 7th September
or to  288 Yorktown Rd. Sandhurst GU47 0PZ
         by 12.00noon on Thursday 7th September
or  to the Trading hut during opening hours on Sunday 3rd September

No late entries will be accepted.

Entries will only be accepted from paid-up members of Sandhurst Gardening Club, the only exception being the children’s classes for which no connection with the Club is required.

Entries for the photography classes (classes 84, 85, 86) must be sent to the email address as below by by 5.00pm on Thursday 31st August. Photos are to be in JPEG format and no more than 5 Mbyte in size. Please state which class each photo is entered in and only send one entry per class.